Friday, August 12, 2005

Unwinding to recharge

Going to Leh has been something that I have been looking forward to for some time now. Planning for that has been an experience in itself. First we had to start with what we want to do there. We had a rough idea and we built upon that taking feed from people who had been there.
Going for a seven day river rafting expedition was one of the most appealing ideas.
But the costs involved would not allow us to do anything after that. As we were going to Leh for the first time we wanted to also check out some places and also do a trek, so we decided on a three day trek and three day raft plan.
Next came the booking. We had to consider the travel, stay and equipment that we might have to book before we get there. Started with some Google search and calling up some people. This followed by some mails gave us a rough estimate at what we were possibly going to spend. This was more than what we had planned for. So we checked with other people and concluded that it would cost us roughly the same amount.
Shopping for some of the equipment came next. We ordered for some sleeping bags and are planning to pick up some back packs. We also wanted to see if Santosh from ‘GetOffUrAss’ could arrange the whole thing for us. We got an estimate which I think is quite good considering everything would be booked and arranged for us.
So much winding to unwind…