Monday, January 31, 2005

Books I strongly suggest

I started learnign the java language with the help of a book called 'HeadFirstJava'. It's a really cool book filled with pictures and examples which help u learn about the objects and all the OOP concepts and the java language itself in a very good way. It's a great book for any one who's starting off with Java. trust me the pictures really help.
Another book I would suggest for Java has to be 'Thinking In Java' by BruceEckel. It's one of those book , that i think every Java programmer can learn something from. All the concepts are explained very well in the book. Most of the examples are good ( but i must confess, some of it was not very good) . It's definately a must read for anyone learning Java.
I picked up a book called 'Open Source Java Programming', which explains some of the open source frameworks which can be used to develop complex web applications. They have done a very good job with explaining the reason these technologies could be usefull. I am curently reading the webwork part of it, would also want to check out Hibernate.


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You might be interested this link for a PDF of Thinking in Java.

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