Thursday, February 24, 2005

Commitment for hobbies ??????

Last week when Rohan and I were going to finish off with our first control line model airplane, we hit upon an idea which at first sounds a little stupid but makes real sense real fast.
Rohan told me how he thought of probably setting aside a part of his pay every month for doing something different and probably innovative. I thought that it was a good idea but was wondering weather it would make any sense. A little thought over it made me realize that having a part of our pay set aside for doing something different would help us in keeping the interest alive as I think the lack of funds is one of the main deterrent towards being involved in something different.
With in a few minutes both of us were convinced that the money we commit into such activities would really help us in making things like an airplane, cycle, quad bike etc..
The totally worth the satisfaction that we get when we build something that works. And as Rohan put it ‘life is short – what the hell’.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It’s a good idea sagar. But I never felt that it was stupid… by setting aside a part of our salary every month, we can certainly keep our interest alive … hope you’ve implemented your thought…


12:13 AM  

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