Thursday, February 17, 2005

A flying plane finally

The day before yaterday I got a chance to fly the first glider. From the 6th floor.we were just about to leave to Eshwars place to pick up wood for the control line model, when Nate saw us with the gliders and offered me 200 bucks for launching it from the sixth floor.
I thot it was a good deal and launched the plane. the plane flew for some time and went straight down, nose first. It landed right in front of jaggu, one of my collegues. the plane actually took the impact and I got my 200 bucks to go along with it. But I had hoped the glider would fly.
any way we went and picked up wood for the control line model. we also got the tyres and all the other accessories along with that. were qiute excited to begin with a plane that would actually fly.


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