Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hobby-Consultants Inc..

Last Sunday while going for a Hash-run some where on Mangalore road, Rohan and me came up with a list of things that we would do given that we would have all the money and time.
We thought of making a poly glass-fiber Bicycle, a Quad bike (all terrain vehicle), a Telescope, a Helicopter and loads of other stuff. We thought of the possibilities of getting some kind of a sponsorship for building these things (got to agree the possibilities look pretty bleak). When it came to time we thought we could take a couple of days off from work or probably a sabbatical from work for a couple of weeks. But would all this be really possible…. . Well, two weeks ago a control line model airplane was just a possibility.
Talking about possibilities, how would it be if we could be consultants who could help out help out people who want to break out of their routine and pick up a hobby. We could help them in everything from deciding which crazy hobby to pick up to what they should do to find all the stuff they need.
We could call it Hobby-Consultants Inc.

Commitment for hobbies ??????

Last week when Rohan and I were going to finish off with our first control line model airplane, we hit upon an idea which at first sounds a little stupid but makes real sense real fast.
Rohan told me how he thought of probably setting aside a part of his pay every month for doing something different and probably innovative. I thought that it was a good idea but was wondering weather it would make any sense. A little thought over it made me realize that having a part of our pay set aside for doing something different would help us in keeping the interest alive as I think the lack of funds is one of the main deterrent towards being involved in something different.
With in a few minutes both of us were convinced that the money we commit into such activities would really help us in making things like an airplane, cycle, quad bike etc..
The totally worth the satisfaction that we get when we build something that works. And as Rohan put it ‘life is short – what the hell’.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

A flying plane finally

The day before yaterday I got a chance to fly the first glider. From the 6th floor.we were just about to leave to Eshwars place to pick up wood for the control line model, when Nate saw us with the gliders and offered me 200 bucks for launching it from the sixth floor.
I thot it was a good deal and launched the plane. the plane flew for some time and went straight down, nose first. It landed right in front of jaggu, one of my collegues. the plane actually took the impact and I got my 200 bucks to go along with it. But I had hoped the glider would fly.
any way we went and picked up wood for the control line model. we also got the tyres and all the other accessories along with that. were qiute excited to begin with a plane that would actually fly.

Friday, February 11, 2005

The second glider and the Guru

The first glider actually flew. This kind of inspired us to do some more research on aeromodelling. Rajesh also gave us an idea that we could probably mount a camera on the model that we were planning to make and take some great shots from the flying studio.
when we searched for some info on aero engines for the control line models (these models can take off and land and fly for some time and are powered by an engine and controlled by a set of wires attached to the planes) , we found a person named Mr. Eshwar who has a factory which actually makes them and some RC (remote controlled) models(he exports them).
We called him and then gave him a visit. He turned out to be just the person we were looking for. He gave us all the details about the control line models and the Rc models. He was really helpfull and gave us a lot of small tips that really helped us in our next model. We picked up materials for another glider. The second glider's much better and shows more promise with respect to flying. Kini and me are planning to test it in the park across the road.